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Yinz B.I.T.   Who We Are?

Market Entry Consulting, Business Development, and anything!  Just let us know what you would like

to do!

Have a plan to launch your business, event, products?

Contact Yinz B.I.T. BECAUSE:

a. Market Entry Consulting

With our experience successfully launching foreign business portfolio, your market entry to Japan will be more successful.  Our staffs have experiences launching Japan business for the US/Singapore and also US/UK companies in Japan market.  We know how to breakthrough the local market barrier.








b. Yinz B.I.T. is the only real PCO available in Japan.

There are many companies who call themselves as PCO* though, they are most likely to be mere event productions/suppliers those who have only run limited parts of events.  You would end-up hiring additional suppliers to make the event happen.  We provide the One Stop Solution to your challenge.

With our experiences successfully running Gastech Japan, Advertising Week Asia, and several other marketing conferences, we can GUARANTEE your success in the market.  MICE

* PCO = Professional Conference Organizer

Oversea Business

​Supporting start-up companies and SMB to find business partners.  We have an extended network throughout APAC to help your growth!

Business Development

We support the business development for SMB.  By utilizing and optimizing the existing resources, you may improve your business performance.

Event Management

​We are experienced Event Management company.  Our experience covers event management, content program development, and marketing etc.  We provide the One-Stop Solution for event managers.  

TRY our "Event Consulting Package" for easy event management.

Yinz B.I.T.   We also Do

We also provide tech solutions to marketing services.  Feel free to ask for any needs. 

c. App Development

High Quality and Agile App Development

​We develop high quality apps in short lead time, with great UI to minimize the  client's burden.


Great Operational Support for High Engagement

With tracking SDK implemented and acquisition know-how,  the application ready-to-be-promoted anytime.   Advanced push notification / SNS can be set from the dashboard, and functions and know-how necessary for user growth are complete.


Detailed Analysis&Efficient content management

The app provides content management dashboard for easy management.  We visualize the user monitoring on the analysis page..

d. Marketing Services


​From traditional to digital, we provide client with wide range of marketing support.

For more detail, please contact;


Atsuhiro Tony Furuya

Founder, Yinz B.I.T. LLC

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